Xu Hao (徐豪)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong



    Worst-case Rigidity Analysis And Optimization For Assemblies With Mechanical Joints
Zhenyuan Liu, Jingyu, Hu, Hao Xu, Peng Song, Ran Zhang, Bernd Bickel, and Chi-Wing Fu.
Computer Graphics Forum, Eurographics 2022.
    TilinGNN: Learning to Tile with Self-Supervised Graph Neural Network
Hao Xu^, Ka-Hei Hui^, Chi-Wing Fu, and Hao (Richard) Zhang (^joint first authors).
ACM Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2020. Back cover of the proceedings.
    Computational Design and Optimization of Non-Circular Gears
Hao Xu^, Tianwen Fu^, Peng Song, Mingjun Zhou, Niloy J. Mitra and Chi-Wing Fu. (^ joint 1st authors)
Conditionally Accepted by EUROGRAPHICS, 2020.
    Computational LEGO Technic Design
Hao Xu, Ka-Hei Hui, Chi-Wing Fu, and Hao (Richard) Zhang.
ACM Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH Asia, 2019.
* Featured in SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Papers Trailer

Ongoing Projects

      A new way to analyze stress over an object
      Extensions on LEGO Technic design
      To compute a special interlocking architecture structure